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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 29, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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it each year to absolute our heroes at a monument first opened to the public ten years ago today. when news breaks out, fox news breaks in. hope you have a great afternoon. your world with neil cavuto coming up ruth now. >> thank you, shepard. you plan to fly? get ready to pay. just as you are taking off -- i hate to break it to you -- you're going to get ripped off. so many fees in record time but safe to say the summer travel season pretty much all the time. >> welcome everybody. front tier airlines the latest carrier could start charging you for placing a bag in the overhead bin. i know, overhidhead been there, done that, overhead. so you're thinking, cheaper to check my bag, and then i'm done with that. no, no, also a fee for that. and if it's a big bag, really big fee for that, because
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whether or not you're carrying it, you're paying for it. but do not say, i didn't warn you about it. >> you could sit on your carry-on or fly commando. to fly commando, but -- >> do i carry a bag or not? >> do i address for the plane or go commando, all individual decisions, you're right. may i suggest this change. take command, fly, commit, i warned you, right? now frontier airlines says all the fees are needed to keep the fares low. it is not sitting well with a lot of fliers. alicia? >> david siegel, the ceo of frontier airlines says by adding fees they can cut the price of tickets by 12%. so this is what happens. you go take your trip and then pay between 20 and $50 to put a
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bag in the overhead bin on the trip or you save all the money on the ticket. for example, if you buy your ticket on their web site and decide, at that moment, when you're booking your ticket to carry on, it's 20 bucks. if you don't decide until you check in online. that is more expensive. wait until your at the airport? the price goes up again. if you make it to the gate before thinking, okay, i think i'll put this in the overhead bin, that's going to cost you 50 bucks. we talked to some travelers about this. >> i don't agree with that. i pay enough for the baggage i'm taking on or they're flying for me. >> i don't like the idea. i think it's not fair. there's people who have children, who have a lot of little items they got to take with them and that's extra money, and taking the kids is extra money. >> i think all the airlines do what they can to inflate the prices. instead of making one fare, so
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you can compare. >> frontier airlines calls this new payment structure, unbundling. the ceo says this model means customers only pay for what they use. frontier is now competing against spirit airlines, which bills itself as an old for low cost carrier, also charges for just about everything you can imagine as well. spirit also happens to have one of the larger profit margins among its us counterparts. what has folks steamed is frontier airlines is saying you buy a more extensive tipping you don't have to pay the fee for the carry-on so they say, what's free there? >> if you're chewing gum there's a fee for that. if you walk briskly, there's a fee. if there's a full moon -- >> i'm kidding but to make the point, this is out of control so feet sun, suck it up. mark murphy says the feeses are
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going to keep piling up. this is f-ed up. >> they're going to make more money. so front tier, in doing this, will make more money to their bottom line. that is why they're doing it. >> they can't just come with a simple rate and say this is the charge from new york to chicago, chicago to l.a. they have to do -- >> you're a reporter trying to figure out -- this is the whole thing. transparency on the internet. they want to get the lowest fare. so kayak and expedia. then they want to make the profit there on the back en. one way or the other they're going to make a profit, and by having the transparency they're forcing the -- >> to get on these sites and travel adviser, that you are -- your advertised farees the general fare. the other stuff is extra. why can't the sites say, there's this fee. >> you need a matrix to figure
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it out. if you go back six year ago they started pounding you with check alleged bag fees. so people brought their bags on the plane and jammed up the boarding process, and they says, our overheads fool and -- are full and people -- >> they should arrest people who bring on huge bags and try to get them in the overhead. the airlines are trying to stop it now. they're hurting you whether you carry the bag on or not, though. so what is your solution? >> there is none. you're at the mercy of the airlines -- >> there is the commando one. you mocked me. >> people trying to figure that out. >> nye with no luggage. >> go on united. there are choices. you can fly different carrier. >> but you pay more for the ticket. >> pay more up front, but maybe you'll get more things as part of it. maybe you take the mileage plus credit card and you get to check your first bag for free and get
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priorityboarding, zone two. so there's -- >> there is way way to avoid fees? so many of them are so involved, that there's very rare the opportunity where you avoid a fee. >> stay home. >> okay. >> literally. if you want to get from point a to point b, stay home, walk, ride your bike. one of these things. if you're going to fly you're going to pay fees. and then suggest talk to a travel professional. they'll sort out the fees and tell you net-net what your actual cost is going to be. you may be better off flying on the major carrier and taking a connection and getting your bags through with your credit card, let's say your mileage plus card in order -- >> they even changed the mileage plus card system. based on what you pay, not how many -- >> delta just instituted that. so that's really sticking it to the small business owner, guys like me. i have 60 plus employees. delta is innocent vicing hem to pay more pause they'll earn more
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for themselves in frequent near miles. >> so even your insulted. >> it's killing me. >> i've warned you at home what you can do. mark is the expert. i play one on tv but i have tried to help you here, and you're not listening. by the way, if you wear the same clothe for a week at a time only those immediately around you notice. just saying. are you willing to pay for the overhead bin? you can tweet us. we'll sharure thoughts later. now to a mid-term -- in louisiana it is one of the senate races that everyone is watching. this one is a barn-burner, bill could cassidy challenging mary landrieu. the house is already voting a bill in place bypass the keystone pipeline. we hoped to get senator landrieu on. in the meantime, cockman cassie
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with us. have you got a response from the senator where she would support the effort to bypass the president and vote for opening up the pipeline? >> only indirectly. she is supporting a nonbinding resolution to be voted on by the senate. the operative term is nonbinding. >> what is the resolution in the senate? >> that somehow -- the nonbinding resolution the senate favors construction of theodicean xl pipeline. a nonbinding resolution does nothing to create jobs for 20,000 americans and does nothing to bring that energy to the coast for it to be refined and the products for the rest of the world to use. i'm not sure nonbinding does anything. >> but does give you the opportunity to have your cake and eat it too, which i thought was a stupid expression because you're going to have the cake. but having said that, landrieu is playing a very fine line here. it's important for jobs and your state and elsewhere, and jobs in
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general, but the fear is that environmentalists and those concerned about another gulf-type disaster get ticked off. are you afraid about ticking that group off? >> if you say -- first, let's make it keir, it is environmentally better to ship it by pipeline down to the coast, where on the gulf coast, using american environmental standards it well be refined into usable products. it's environmentally more harmful to pipe it to the pacific coast, ship it to canada, so that they can refine it with lax environmental standards, and that stuff blows over to us. so i would say the environmental sound thing to ship it by pipe down to to gulf coast and i don't have problems with that. we have some of the safest pipelines in the world in the united states. >> but congressman, i had darryl hannah here yesterday and she was pointing to -- a big environmentalist. chained herself to the white house fence and protested opening up in keystone. she said that we don't even want
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this. we would put it on the market and sell it abroad, and she immediately said what's all the fuss for? i reminded her if the europeans had another option rather than depending on russia for its energy, that would be a very big reason-but nevertheless they're saying this isn't about jobs. this is about oil companies getting richer. you say what? >> the state department says there will be 20,000 direct jobs created by this. these are working-class jobs, people with better wages and better benefits, whose children will go to better school and whose future for the family will be brighter for darryl hannah to minimize the impact on those families to show incredible sensitivity to a group of americans having a very hard time now. she can fuss with the state department. it's the state department says this is about at least 20,000 direct jobs. >> congressman, good seeing you again. senator landrieu, if you're watching, you're always invited to come on.
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severe storms moving across the south at this hour. forcing thousands of evacuations. are we looking at the same today? we are on it, all over it. >> go! now. >> what? >> now!
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on car insurance. everybody knows that.
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there is a plywood factory just on the other side of the neighborhood from where i'm standing, completely destroyed during the twister that came through here overnight. also, windston medical center, the local 27-bed hospital, suffered some serious damage here. we spoke with one gentleman who was actually in the e.r. at the time being treated for a pain that he was experiencing in his wrist. he thought he would be meeting with doctors, but he met with much more. a tornado. as the twister was approaching he says hospital staff yelled to shut the door and get down, which he and his wife did. they said then as the tester got closer the windows blew out but fortunately they were okay. but looking at all of the damage here, it's obviously going to take a lot of time to repair all the damage to homes and businesses. we spoke with one local pastor is who is undeterred. >> we'll rise again. we'll build again, because god is on our side.
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>> so, neil, in the long term, there's definitely a resilient spirit. in the short term people are keeping a nervous eye on the sky. >> be safe. to meteorologist rick on what we are seeing right now and how bad this gets. maybe a whole season. >> we rev raigs had a mellow season tornado-wise until the last three days and now we've almost had as many as the entire season until now. look at what happened yesterday and overnight. i want to show you this and relate to what is to happen tonight. this is the line of storms that moved through and dropped tornadoes from yazoo city in jackson, alabama, and they ever overnight through places like tuscaloosa and birmingham. now take a look at where the moderate risk is, it's a lot of the exact same areas.
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generally you have a tornado system go through, and then things are clear behind it but so many of them people doing their cleanup and rescue and recovery they're dealing right right now, the atmosphere is getting reloaded to see another batch of storms move in. this is a look at the satellite image you. can see this cloud cover here here. you see that clearing. that allows the surface to heat up and gives us the potential to explode again and that's what we're watching. two tornado watch boxes we're watching ruth now. one in north carolina, one here out across parts of southern mississippi, both or these expire at 9:00 p.m. local time but these storms here so far across parts of southern mississippi and in toward the panhandle of florida, they all have hail and wind. i think in the next hour we'll see some of these begin to get the rotation, turn into tornadoes and then we have a very rough night ahead of us, some very large tornadoes right here. want to tell you we have one tornado warning on the ground
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here across parts of north carolina, to the east of fayetteville. so we'll see severe weather across michigan and mid-atlantic, tomorrow the threat is a little farther to the east. not until thursday before at it gone. we'll deal with very heavy rain. this green is flash-flood watchings or warnings right now. many areas will see three to five inches of rain, maybe up to eight inches, following in a short amount of time. so flooding is a concern for a lot of people in the northeast. >> amazing. rick, thank you very meche. when $6 billion in waste is called chump change, makes you wonder whether we're the chumps. e so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly.
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there's no more cuts to make. >> from the earliest days of my administration we worked to eliminate wasteful spending and streamline government. >> no. you haven't. because the problems just keep coming and coming and coming. $6.2 billion just uncovered at the usda alone. despite the waste the spending is necessary. i love you to death but got to tell you, this has to stop. we always say, a few billion, take a chill pill, but it's out of control and if you apply the 10% waste rule, in a mull try trillion dollar economy, hundreds of billions of dollars just disappear. >> right. you're correct. that government spending must be stopped. but i just want to tell you about that clip about nancy pelosi. let's not take it out of
1:23 pm
context. she was talking about deficit spending. so it's important to reflect what she was talking about. >> all the more. all the more. the cupboard is bare. >> yes, but let's talk about government waste. this is nothing new. anybody can read the report -- >> don't go there. i'm not hear to -- george bush -- >> i'm saying -- >> you're right. >> give me a second. i'm not going there. this is nothing new. this requires a careful approach of democrats and republicans do. >> but they don't, they don't, that it don't. no more money until they don't. >> you know the headline i'd love to hear so it's a balanced headline? the fact the budget for 2014 has $25 billion in cuts and provisions that will save money. so, you know, we indiana to have a sensible and realistic approach -- >> 25 billion in a
1:24 pm
$3.5 trillion budget and a debt shaving the growth of the debt by 700 billion-dollars. meaning 7 trillion more in debt in ten years. i mentioned the 10% thing with you. the school can breakfast program, 25.6% of it lost in the lurch program, 15.6% in the supplemental nutrition assistance program. 66% of it. this is ridiculous. >> and we can also talk about the six little programs passed by the ways and means committee that add up to $310 billion we have not figured out how they're going to pay for it. >> i agree with you. then stop. here's what we have to do. who you're conservative or liberal on this or buying a $10,000 lunches or $10,000 hammer, it's just as offensive. it's got to stop. and so when people say we need more money, i say, i'm perfectly
1:25 pm
willing to give you more money but you damn well better prove what you have been doing with the money we have already given you. but we don't. we say in this billing economy, billions will slip through the cracks. stop it. >> it's not the school lurches. let's just not cut kid -- >> the lurch program -- no, no, the lunch program, $1.8 million program. 15.69% of the payments were deemed to be improper and lost. now, had nothing -- i'm just saying if you're losingwmñuswc, that's worse than the guys working on my house and pad the bill. >> that's -- just to quote senator koleburn, this is a stupid problem. it has a solution. >> stop before you do enemy spending. -- anymore spending, account for every single dollar before you spend another penny. >> i like that and we should have a balance and stop finger
1:26 pm
pointing. >> i agree. >> this fault or that fault. >> you should have seen what fillmore did. this has to stop. jennies -- >> believing game is not the answer. thank you, neil. >> i will say that the thyroid -- very good having you. >> to something that could lean even more ways because if kate rogers is right, a huge missing chunk of the web site -- >> the back-end maybe inch for insurance companies to bill the federal government and get payments for subsidies and cost-sharing plans is still not built. this is supposed to be up and running -- >> how the heck can you function if it's not doing its thing? >> a great question. insurance companies are doing this national allly. manually billing the government and it's in both parties are best interests to work quickly and the government pay them.
1:27 pm
>> these guys are manually writing out checks to the government, hoping to get paid, the government doesn't even see they exist, though. >> exactly. that back-end mechanism is not up and running so the insurance carriers are estimating what they're owed by the government for subsidies and cost-sharing plans, and i had a source close to the matter tell me this back-end system may not be up and running by next open enrollment period, which could spell big trouble. >> to say nothing of the number of people who have counted as enrollees who aren't enrollees, and you have to be wondering what the real cost is. i can only imagine it's out of control. no matter how you feel about health care and all this other wat of carrot control. >> the congressional budget office estimates upwards of a trillion dollars -- >> but who is counting. >> you're counting. >> you know what amazing? the 10% rule of waste on that,
1:28 pm
that's 100 billion. >> and the insurance companies are estimating what they're owed so those costs could be wrong as well. >> amazing, kate, thank you. she's been on top of this for a while. i always-year-old what i thought about enrollment numbers, there's suspicious. in georgia, they're proving they're real really out of whack. half in jazz not paying and the georgia commissioner with me tonight with numbers that are just -- they're going to make you want to stick syringe in your eye. >> to colorado where lawmakers want to spend $400,000 to study why healthcare is so expensive. $400,000 to get into obamacare issues. the stat senator ellen roberts cosponsoring the bill. i admire your tenacity to look into it. but you're spending money to see where money is going itch don't know if that is helping
1:29 pm
anything. what do you think? >> you know, actually, it's about 150,000 a year for three years, and i think it's actually a very good investment. when you look at how much we as a state are spending, we have got to dig into this, neil. absolutely how much money is going into health care is unsustainable. >> what do you do? what are you getting for the money to track it down? three years, if we're spending a trillion dollars a year on this nationally, by the time we get to 2017 when the deadline is up, you could be way deeper in the hole. >> actually we have annual reports starting in 2015, and asking for recommendations. it's a commission of 12 individuals who come from different parts of the healthcare industry. so, physicians, providers, insurance companies, small business, large business. we're going to the people who are in the trenches, dealing with healthcare costs to say i
1:30 pm
personally know that obamacare is not going to work in terms of cutting costs. let's talk to the people on the ground, in the trenches -- >> what happens with the study, though, senator? we have had a lot of abuse and waste here. maybe the stuff we just talk about. then what happens? how are you going to have some teeth to really change stuff? >> we're asking for action steps. we're saying, at the state level we're not going to wait for wbc washington, dc to figure this out with and say what is going to make a difference at the state level here's in colorado. >> but this is bipartisan effort, ma'am? compel either the governor or the state to change its behavior or rein in its costs or like the debt commission the president came up with, a nice leather binder collecting dust on a shelf. >> right. i hear you. and at $17 trillion of debt at the national level, that is a crying shame.
1:31 pm
i i would say at the state level they're on the ground rather than those in washington, dc. so we're asking the commission for hard recommendations, asking people who are the key stakeholders. we just don't want -- yes, healthcare costs are too much. we want know what we're going to do about it for employers and individuals. >> senator, good having you. >> coming up. >> in this country people are allowed to be more rones -- moore rones. aloud to be stupid and think idiotic thoughts. within an organization like the nba we try to do what is in the best interests of the league, and that's why we have a commissioner and a constitution. in terms of just say a blanket, let's kick him out, i don't want to go that far because that is -- it's not about don infield or his position. it's about who is next. >> that is dallas mavericks owner mark cuban said yesterday. what did he just say today?
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140 characters or less you have to tell me how much you love me. anyway, it's hitting the stock badly. after-hours trading is down nine%. lofty expectations. the punishment is coming down and now donald sterling is paying up, fined $2.5 million. he is worth $2.5 billion. banning him for life from the league and the team over his racist rant. now mavericks owner mark cuban saying he agrees with the decision but listen to what he was saying yesterday. >> this is a very slippery slope. what donald said was wrong. abhorrent. there's no place for racism in the nba, any business i'm associated with and i don't want to be associated with people who have that position. but at the same time, that's a decision i make, and it's -- i think you have to be very, very careful when you start making
1:37 pm
blanket statements about what people say and think as opposed to what they do. it's a very, very slippery slope. >> slippery or not, cuban supporting of the league's -- the commissioner's move today to ban sterling for life. my buddy, david west, radio host, fox news contributeyear. what do you think? >> i'm with cuban on this. i'm not going to sacrifice the first amendment of the united states constitution for a bigot, but i'm with him. don't firs him out. you're actually sacrificing speech. trying to control speech. abhorrent as it is. they're a private organization, nba. free market, they can say you're bad for business, people are pissed, sponsors are pulling out, you're a blight on us and we want you to leave. >> the move today -- just
1:38 pm
learned "the wall street journal" reporting they're back as a sponsor -- they'll all come back. >> at it aboutman are done money and business. when he bought the team nobody wants to go to their games. now -- here's the hypocrisy in this whole story. no secret, he has had civil lawsuit settlements. d ooh j, largest settlement on this case, 2.7 million. the naacp honors him become in 2010. has him on their din are committee, but get this, america, they were going to take a black bigot and a white bigot, al sharpton and donald sterling and give them lifetime achievement awards. they're for sale. america has shown it will reject racism outright. we don't want it. there's extremes all over the place. but right how to the reality is america is showing her strips.
1:39 pm
i like it. red, white, blue, we will not accept this behavior. >> what i find worrisome -- who it's tv anchors or politicians. you're going to slip up and say something stupid. obviously not this offensive but i wonder, this shoot first, ask questions or clarifications later mentality, and i don't in the if that's a good thing. >> i don that was the case. it's not a gooding in. just be who you are. i'm not a bigot, you're don't because you're not a bigot. in this case we had a track record, known record. anyone who goggled it knew the answer the nba, which david stern used to be involved in discrimination cases as an attorney in new new jersey -- ws commissioner while this was underway. it's business. it's money. and it's buying credentials by donating to charity but -- >> in at the the end is it not much different than a
1:40 pm
corporation where the board zeros in on the's and says, you're gone. >> you're bad, you're gone. >> even though it's the opener of the company in this case. >> you asked the question earlier, is he thing to sue? who knows. this guy wouldn't defend himself the past, spend the money. this will walk off on to another story. the good thing america rejects racism. youth right. where it exists, and this was the case. >> even if we also get very sensitive about free speech, as obnoxious as is it. >> i protect the first amendment. the nazis had a right to march. he has a right to do this. >> david west, thank you. in the meantime, cruz, clinton, paul. wall street republicans want one of them in 2016. i think you might be surprised which one. stick with innovation.
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stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare ♪ ben! well, that was close! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money. hillary is a hit with republicans?
1:44 pm
according to one report wall street grande old partyers would prefer hillary rodham clinton over rand ball or ted cruz. what is this about? >> i think wall street is a much more moderate place than main street america in terms of democrats and republicans so a lot of republicans on wall street might like hillary because of the clinton years but the democratic party has taken a sharp left turn, and she worked for president obama, and one thing wall treat people are united on these policies on this administration as they affected banks, dodd-frank, constant attacks on the big banks like jp mortgage again chase is a work of a regime they're against. yes, lloyd blank has always liked hillary, larry fink, who
1:45 pm
put sheryl mills on his board, a hillary confidante, because he wants to be treasury secretary, will always support hillary. jamie diamond, huge question mark. hedge fund guys, question mark. ted cruz may be a tea party guy but is not looking to screw the banks. rand paul i dope think wants to launch massive investigations into the banks. if this thing looks even and they're the in the and done look like hillary is running away with it. wall street republicans will move towards those republican candidates. >> don't they also -- you mentioned with the former president clinton they did very well in the clinton years, but now it's hillary were to run she could say under this democratic regular jim, stocks have come back. so, how big a deal will that be to these guys? >> i don't think that matters.
1:46 pm
yes, the market has come back but regulations have increased and profitability has gone down. the fed basically fed the machine by lowering interest rates and printing money. but it's the reputational damage this administration has done to wall street. wall street is considered -- this is like the devil to most people. one reason why is the constant attacks. they blame this administration. it's very possible that hillary clinton will come out, she has taken money from goldman sack, her chief aide is close with larry fink. very possible she says, listen, i'm going to do a 180 on obama. i'll try to rewrite dodd-frank -- >> she will not be the democratic nominee. >> i agree with you. don't think she's going to run. i think this president could be such damaged goods -- >> i thing she runs. >> who is going to beat her?
1:47 pm
>> i don't know. everybody makes a big deal about divided republicans are. >> i agree with you. >> but from elizabeth warren and all that to the moderate wing of the party, there's a big divide. >> if she really wants to win, which she does want to win, she will kiss up to the left side of the party, and that will be -- >> run back? >> well, let's see. when she is beating up on wall street, jamie diamond who just went four years of hill going to support her? i don't believe the notion of the wall street republicans moving towards her, yet, anyway. >> no one is better connected or smarter at this stuff. holding low lerner in contempt would be up american? that's what her lawyer says. meet a conservative who says, hello, what about me?
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she is at the center of the irs scandal. still won't speak. now lois lerner's attorney is saying that if congress holds her in con tell it -- contempt it would be unfair and unamerican? tom is back with us. >> well, i don't think much of it. what is unfair and unamerican? how about a, quote, public servant who has head millioned of dollars seeing us, a $2.4 million house, who won't talk to her bosses and tell them what happened in one of the biggest scandles scandals of american history. >> why the lawyer wants the
1:52 pm
opportunity to talk to congress, is that he could clear the air and that -- she has the right to this, theirs is very mccarthy mccarthy-esque. >> mar car the-esque. love that. what's more like mccarthy hearings? taking tens of thousands of u.s. citizens and sunging them to onerous questions about their members-what books you're reading. what do you pray for? having you come in front of come and tell the truth, which is more lick mccarthy hearings. >> tom, -- this internal investigation that is supposedly going on at the irs and the president told bill o'reilly not a smidgen of anything untoward. what's the late is. >> i'm hearing there's some kentucky going on. there is finally some groups being talked to, and the question is, nell, is it a real
1:53 pm
investigation or a phoney investigation? >> well, part of lois lerner's argument for not testifying and for bleed pleading the fifth is she is really working with this investigation internally. that's the all. don't take the fifth if you're not guilty. if you got something to say, you owe it to me. to our members to the taxpayers to come out and do your job, which we paid you to do, and tell us the truth. so that all that's at stalk here. so, lois, if you didn't do anything wrong, we need to know what happened. step up. >> if you got any idea of the timetable when this internal investigation will be done? if that's the argument for stalling congress, how long goi to be done? >> that's our concern. what did the irs -- head of the irs say? it's going to take a year to get her emails. we're not very hopeful.
1:54 pm
lois lerner should be held in contempt and should be forced to testify and if not, she should go to jail. >> i wonder, when the irs audits you and requests information, and you say give me a year, how will that go? >> not very well. what if the airline told you there's better fees? what if i told you at least there's better fees.
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we have been seriously ef'd, feed. incredible. don't blame the airline. they are just more honest. hello, i'm andrea tantaros, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." well, nba has made a decision on l.a. clippers owner donald sterling, the verdict banned for life. >> effective immediately, i am banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers' organization or the nba. i am also fining mr. sterling $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed under the


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